Absolutely clean with No chance for ugly stickers and graffiti

Orange Brands represent CoveCove Korean based company for Pakistan and USA. CoveCove is Korean manufacturer company making Anti-Stick and Anti-Graffiti Coating Solution.

Surfaces coated with COVECOVE do not allow graffiti or ugly stickers to become a part of your environment.

COVECOVE permanent coatings are often only have to be applied once in many years. These work by creating a protective surface that paints and stickers cannot bond to. After the surface has been vandalized, often all that is needed to remove the paint is a simple pressurized spray of water and some manual labor. The underlying surface and the protective coating will remain undamaged.

COVECOVE Anti-stick/ Anti Graffiti Coating produce a slightly textured high release surface which repels all pressure sensitive adhesives such as tape, stickers and vinyl. Chewing gum as well as paint are also easily removed from this amazing Coating making them the perfect choice to protect all types of surfaces that are prone to these types of attacks.

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