Glice Technology

Glice® is the result of the unlimited ambition of a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and athletes. Glice® has successfully developed the leading edge synthetic ice technology due to the relentless focus on the 5 core parameters which determine skate quality of synthetic ice:

Ultra Glide Technology

Glice's ultra-glide-enhanced molecular structure allows it to reach the lowest coefficient of friction in the synthetic ice industry. As a result, you not only feel the fastest gliding factor but also the added benefit of the lowest blade sharpening need in the synthetic ice market.

Ice Identical Response Technology

In order to perform Ice skating and ice hockey in a realistic manner, the synthetic ice must respond in the identical way to various movements as real ice does. Glice is the only synthetic ice which replicates real ice in all facets of usage.

Ultra Molecular Durability

Glice's synthetic ice is manufactured with a special high density molecular structure which reduces shavings to a minimum. This results in the increased life span of the Glice material, with cleaner looking synthetic ice that requires less cleaning.

Crease Embedded Technology

A unique manufacturing process allows us to embed creases and markings directly into the material. Contrary to paint, these markings are permanent and will not fade and cannot be scratched away.

Zero Energy Eco Glice® Technology

Glice is an ecological technology which reduces energy consumption of normal ice rinks to zero. But Glice doesn't stop at providing an ecological substitute for conventional ice. Additional benefits to the ecology include:

  1. Glice is produced with100% none-toxic material
  2. Glice uses natural gas in the manufacturing process, which reducesCO2 Gases
  3. Glice is working closely with our logistics partner to reduce greenhouse gases
  4. Glice is 100% recyclable when the material reaches the end of its lifetime

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