3 Generations Of IWB's

The surface of IWB is critical to its functionality and is a distinguishing factor between the technologies.

Generation 1 – (Resistive Membrane)

The board surface incorporates a soft flexible vinyl or polyester based plastic front surface and a rigid backboard. The two types of resistive material with a small gap between them creates a touch sensitive membrane, which is used to detect where its being touched by applying a slight tough with just one finger of a single person.

Generation 2 – (Electromagnetic Pickup)

These white boards are similar to traditional whiteboards in the rigidity to touch. The pen used with them, emits a small magnetic field, which the board detects on pen impact or movement and this information is used as input to computer running the IWB software.

Generation 3 – (Infrared Scanning)

By attaching infrared scanning panels around an ordinary whiteboard, the board is transformed from an ordinary white board to act as an interactive whiteboard. Intelligent software provide colour and gesture selection as easy as on a computer. Multiple touch systems can now entertain both pupil and teacher to work along together. This also allows to move/ rotate or enlarge pictures with fingers.

No hard touching is required.

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