Advantages Of Orange IWB's

Optimal use of an IWB involves both Instructor and student use. It can, for example, be used to;

  • Orange IWB support multi user meaning two persons can operate / write on the IWB at same time.
  • Orange IWB work on Infra-red where as other boards available in market works on capacitive touch.
  • Orange IWB can be used as normal white board, with dry eraser marker.
  • Orange IWB use power over USB whereas other uses adopter.
  • Orange IWB is compatible with third party software where as other only support their respective software.
  • Orange IWB can be operated by Finger, pen or any opaque object.
  • Orange IWB have “Web Search” Tool.
  • Orange IWB have training build in tools for “Maths”, “Physics”, “Chemistry” and can be enhanced as per customer requirement.
  • Orange IWB has built in tool to record the voice of lecture.

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