Type of Products

Add-On Touch Screen Kit

Orange F series add-on touch screen kit can immediately turns your current monitor into an interactive display with well-favoured appearance, and provides touch functionality meet your special needs, wherever your LCD is, in shop, supermarket, hotel lobby, office or so on, user can control variety applications simply by touching the screen.

Integrated Touch Screen LCD

Orange integrated Touch Screen LCD is an all-in-one machine which integrated with PC, infrared touch panel and TV. It's designed for public viewing of advertisements, maps and other consumer information, as well as interactive digital signage. The TV series features quiet, finless operation and built in speakers and can be mounted in portrait mode. This model features a full selection of inputs, which allows you to connect to a wide range of peripheral devices. The high-performance touch panel based on IR technologies promote extended use, along with an adaptable cabinet design, make Orange integrated touch monitor TV series ideal for retail and restaurant markets, as well as indoor venues, training facilities and corporate boardrooms

Indoor Video Wall

Orange L series is the latest developed Video Wall, its slim frame can match completely the monitors or displays in thin-frame, ideally upgrading the visual appearance of whole device. Unlike most other technologies, the Infrared based design offers superb image clarity. The original image quality is preserved because there is no film in front of the display. After a simple installation, the screen can be operated with either a finger, with or without glove or a pen.

Touchscreen information Kiosk

Orange Touch information kiosk is a computer based terminal or display that is used to provide information or services using a finger or pen as a mouse for desired information. Kiosk systems are being used in a variety of applications, typically in a public place, including information directories, customer self-service terminals, electronic catalogues, internet access terminals, tourism guides, and more.

Touch Advertising Kiosk

Orange AD series Touch advertising kiosk is an all in one flat monitor which integrated with PC and infrared touch panel. It is typically mounted on the wall for advertising. People use a finger or a pen touch on the panel for desired ad.

Interactive White Board

Orange T series IWB employ infrared technology to enable finger, gloved hand or any other opaque object touch directly other than using a special pen.

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