Use of IWB

Optimal use of an IWB involves both Instructor and student use. It can, for example, be used to;

  • Running software that is loaded onto the connected PC, such as a web browsers or other software used in the Lecture Hall / Classroom.
  • Capturing and saving notes written on a whiteboard to the connected PC
  • Capturing notes written on a graphics tablet connected to the whiteboard
  • Controlling the PC from the white board using click and drag, markup which annotates a program or presentation.
  • Using OCR software to translate cursive writing on a graphics tablet into text.
  • Using an Audience Response System so that presenters can poll a classroom audience or conduct quizzes, capturing feedback onto the whiteboard
  • Allow presentation of student work in more interactive and collaborative way.
  • Show video clips that present and explain difficult concepts.
  • Display internet recourses in a teacher-direct manner.
  • Create handwritten drawing, notes and concept maps during class time, all of which can be saved for future references.

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