About Southwest Microwave


In 1971, Southwest Microwave introduced the world’s first commercial bistatic microwave sensor. Today, our extensive range of field-proven sensor technologies offer unparalleled protection against unauthorized site access and are internationally recognized for providing precise, immediate detection of perimeter disturbances in security-sensitive applications and harsh exterior environments. 70,000 Southwest Microwave detection systems in 80+ countries now reliably secure broad-ranging facilities – from government and military installations to critical utilities, industrial and corporate campuses, correctional institutions, transportation centers and VIP residences.


Southwest Microwave’s mission is to provide industry-leading system design resources, leading-edge technology options and unparalleled customer support tools to ensure reliable, long-term perimeter detection solutions for the infrastructural, asset and personnel protection challenges of our global client base.

Quality Focus

Our commitment to excellence is reflected by world-class manufacturing infrastructure, and we have built a reputation for maintaining the highest standards of quality across our entire product spectrum. Each of our leading-edge perimeter security systems is the combined result of innovative design, stringent production processes and superior components. Our perimeter security products undergo rigorous testing, are certified for use by numerous government labs and regulatory agencies worldwide, and are RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Waste) compliant per EU Directive 2002/95/EC.

ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION: As part of our strategy for continuous improvement of our industry-leading products and services, Southwest Microwave has achieved ISO 9001 certification. ISO compliance – which includes well-documented quality assurance processes and ongoing quality inspections by independent auditors – allows us to achieve the highest levels of product and service quality, and offers our customers the utmost confidence in partnering with our organization.

Technical Services

Our Technical Services Group has extensive hands-on experience in the specification, commissioning and servicing of perimeter detection equipment, and is equipped to handle your complete system needs – from design to implementation and beyond. We can customize a system to meet your project and security goals – helping you maximize efficiency, minimize cost and ensure a solution that is precisely tailored to your facility’s needs.

Once you’ve made the decision to protect your critical assets with a perimeter security system from Southwest Microwave, we’ll provide the resources to ensure that your system operates at peak performance – day in and day out.

SYSTEM PLANNING Southwest Microwave along with representative partners can design a complete turnkey system, or one that integrates seamlessly into your existing security package. For either scenario, we provide a comprehensive range of system planning services that will result in reliable and cost-effective security solutions for your facility.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT Our technical support capabilities are a prime illustration of our commitment to long-term customer satisfaction. System support is also what sets us apart from other providers in the marketplace. We offers extensive post-sale resources, including product training, system commissioning services and a qualified team of experts to field equipment-related technical inquiries.

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