It is a great honor to introduce you to our Company in assurance that we will offer professional services to your satisfaction and confidence. Orange Brands Sdn. Bhd. is a branding and marketing extension of our own manufacturing facility that produces international best standards in the Light Emitting Diodes (LED) products and equipments. Our LED lights are manufactured using Edison and Cree chip technology apart from CE and RoHS certifications that are worldwide accepted. Our factory is registered under Sundolp Pvt. Ltd, which is located in Hongfa Industrial Park, Shiyan Town, Shenzhen City, China.

Founded since 2004, the current Gross Floor Area of our factory is 5,000 square meters. Our own manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest hi-tech production capable of quality mass production output. With over 500 different types of LED lights designs commercially available, our factory overall production capacity is more than 100,000 LED lights monthly. In supporting of this massive productivity, we employ about 300 well-trained and experienced employees to handle more than 3,000 different kinds of assembling units.

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